Taxes Made Simple

Tax laws constantly change, and we stay current on regulations to determine the significance of these changes in the application to your situation.
Together, we help you find ways to apply tax strategies most appropriate to your finances.

"Qualified professionals who applies their knowledge of commerce to suggest the best plan of action for their clients. Extremely ethical in their deliverance of information to clients while remaining unbiased to their strategies. Attention to detail in their facilitation of financial and tax matters was outstanding. Exceptionally informative and knowledgeable about the economic situation."
Lindsey Duong

Continual Process

Tax planning is a continual process that goes beyond the filing of your annual tax return. Our professionals at Everlife Wealth Management work with you to develop ongoing strategies throughout the year. We take an integrated approach to develop tax planning strategies based on your individual, family, and business goals. An effective tax plan maximizes your taxes today and over the long term.

Essential Component

Tax planning is an essential component of our services. Almost all of your financial affairs are affected by taxes in one way or another. Taxes play a crucial role in your business structure. It touches your employment income, insurance, probate, investments, properties, and interest earned, to name a few. It is even present in your bedroom with your marital status and who you live with. Have peace of mind knowing that we stand behind the tax solutions we prepare for you. 

Tax brackets

We all know a large portion of your income goes to taxes. For those in the highest tax bracket, 48% of every additional dollar earned goes to taxes. Taxes can erode your wealth quickly if not properly planned and managed. Everlife Wealth Management finds solutions so that more of your hard-earned dollars stay with you and less to the government.

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Guaranteed Accuracy

At Everlife Wealth Management, we have the experience, knowledge and, confidence that our work is of the highest level of accuracy. Should there be any charges due to errors in filing your return, we will gladly pay for any penalties and interest incurred.

Audit Assistance

No matter how accurately the taxes are filed, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) may review the deductions and credits claimed, audit the return, or require more information after they process it. We act as your representative so that you don’t have to deal with the CRA.

Prior Tax Return Reviews

We review tax returns from prior years for any savings or refund others may have missed. We also work with you to bring your taxes to be compliant with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Tax Education

Tax laws are confusing for most people. That is why we always provide thorough explanations of your taxes every year. In addition, we take the time to educate those who have a thirst for understanding their taxes better.

"Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today"

– Herman Wouk