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Insurance Protection

Understanding the risks you inevitably face every day will enable you and your family to achieve a healthier financial and emotional position. Risk management involves deciding the best approach in dealing with risk: either by avoiding the risk, sharing the risk, transferring the risk, or assuming the risk. As you and your family walk through life, accidents and disasters can and do happen, and if you are not adequately insured, you could be jeopardizing all that you’ve worked so hard to create.

At Everlife Wealth Management, one way we mitigate risks is by incorporating insurance into your wealth portfolio. There are numerous strategies that we use insurance for to protect you and your family. Most of you are probably familiar with some of the most popular life insurance products out in the market, such as term insurance, whole life, universal life, disability, or critical illness insurance.

The insurance you see out in the market today only touches the in-depth surface of what we can strategize for you. There are endless ways we utilize insurance for you. Even if you only need basic insurance, we ensure you will receive only the best service.

Did You

You can use life insurance for estate planning?
Donate in a more efficient tax manner?
Have you considered borrowing to purchase insurance?
Use to protect your business?
For tax planning?
To replace income?
Provide a tax-free inheritance?

The insurance you see out in the market today
only touches the in-depth surface of what
we can strategize for you.


Our professionals hold the Full Life Insurance Agent and Sickness and Accidental Benefit Agent licenses under the Alberta Insurance Council. We adhere to strict guidelines and standards which the Council sets out. Every year we keep up with current knowledge, skills, and information by completing Continuing Education courses.

We partner with a wide range of today’s most trusted financial service providers. Affiliated with a variety of institutions, we have access to a spectrum of insurance products, services, and rates. No insurance company holds an ownership interest in our business, nor do we hold an interest in any insurance company. As such, we are not bound by one insurance company and have the ability to offer products and services that are only in our client’s best interest.

Let us help you unlock this potential and work together
to achieve the proper protection you and your family deserve.