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Achieve Your Full
Financial Potential

We are a wealth management firm focused on active investment advisory services while disciplined in all aspects of your finances. We take a holistic approach providing tailored solutions to manage, grow, and protect your wealth.


Our certified professionals provide a high level of commitment and accountability.


We take on a limited number of clients to focus on our specialized needs.


Proven track record of investment results, client royalty, and quality of work.

It Starts with the Courage to Change

We invite you to contact our office and see what you can learn by simply talking with one of our professionals. Book an initial consultation and find out how we can achieve more together. We challenge you to take that first step for yourself by reaching out to us.

Everlife Wealth Management distinguishes itself by the quality of the services we provide.

We are experts in making your lives easier, allowing you to do the things you enjoy doing. We take pride in knowing that we have improved each and every one of our client’s wealth and quality of life. Working with us will be one of the best decisions you will make for yourself and your family.

Investment Strategies

Managing the needs of individual investors and planting the seeds for a secure future. We help you maximize the return on your investments while taking into consideration your tolerance for market volatility.

Wealth Accumulation

The process of building your net worth and wealth over time using proven methods that have been proven time and again. We capitalize on exponential compounding and economies of scale to maximize the value of your wealth.

Financial Planning

Our Certified Financial Planners are dedicated to planning a comprehensive strategy based on your goals and needs. As a member of the FP Canada Standards Council, we are committed to placing the interests of our clients first.

Business Consulting

Whether you have a new business or an established business, we have a proven track record of providing you with solid business consulting services that will place you ahead of the competition.

Tax Services

Tax planning is a constant process that goes beyond the filing of your annual tax return. We work with you all year round to build strategies that will maximize your tax savings both now and in the future.

Insurance Protection

Helping you decide the best approach in dealing with risk coverage: either by avoiding, sharing, transferring, or assuming the risk. Licensed with the Alberta Insurance Council, we are equipped to implement the proper risk mitigation strategy.

Retirement Planning

An integral part of a well conceived, properly balanced financial plan. The sooner you start, the healthier your financial future will be so that you can live your best years now and well into your retirement.

Estate Management

Assuring your accumulated wealth through decades of hard work goes to your loved ones while minimizing the taxable amount. Preserves what you’ve worked a lifetime to build by addressing the financial impact of long term care and other estate eroding expenses.

Current Market News

The importance of keeping up-to-date with industry news and activities cannot be stressed enough. Our team monitors economic, social developments, and political movements that influence the markets and, subsequently, affecting your wealth. Explore our publications below to learn more about the latest current news.