Tax laws constantly change, and we stay current on regulations to determine the significance of these changes in the application to your situation.


Together, we will help you find ways to apply tax avoidance strategies most appropriate to your personal financial plan.

We take an integrated approach developing tax planning strategies based on your individual and family financial goals and personal tax history to maximize your tax savings today and over the long run.


Each year, we review your previous year’s tax return, assessment notice and update strategies to reflect changes in tax legislation. We bring to your attention tax-saving opportunities appropriate to your situation, such as income splitting, tax credits, and deduction optimization.


Through our long-term tax planning, we may suggest you don't claim all deductions and credits in the current year. Some deductions are discretionary and may provide greater benefit later when your marginal tax rate might be higher. Examples are donations, medical expenses, Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) and RRSP deductions. Be assured; we track such decisions to make certain these claims are carried forward properly and aren't forgotten, particularly as the carry-forward period nears expiry.


We can find them for you.

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Initial information and consultation are always FREE with Everlife Financial. We are open all year round to provide you the services you need.



At Everlife Financial, we have the experience, knowledge and, confidence that our work with the highest level of accuracy on your filed taxes and guaranteed you the largest possible savings or refund. Should there be any charges due to errors in filing your return, we will gladly pay for any penalties and interest incurred.



We review prior years' tax return for any savings or refund others may have missed at no cost to you. We also meet with you to discuss your personal and family tax situations along with short and long-term tax goals. 



You will have the peace of mind knowing that we stand behind the tax solutions we prepare for you. No matter how accurately the taxes are filed, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) may review the deductions and credits claimed, audit the return or require more information before and after they process it. We act as your representative so that you don’t have to deal with the CRA. This service is provided at no additional charge to you as we believe all our clients should have the peace of mind knowing that we provide full support for all the years after your taxes are filed.

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